Taking into consideration Tamil Nadu’s requirement for the next 15 days as well as the shortfall in Karnataka’s water releases between October 16 and 31, the Cauvery Monitoring Committee (CMC) on Wednesday directed that State to release 6.20 tmcft from November 1 to 15, according to Tamil Nadu sources.

The CMC, chaired by Water Resources Ministry Secretary Dhruv Vijai Singh and consisting of the Chief Secretaries of all four riparian States, met to decide the quantum of water to be released by Karnataka from November 1. The CMC had on October 12 directed Karnataka to release 8.85 tmcft from October 16 to 31.

Court direction

Wednesday’s meeting was held in the backdrop of the Supreme Court’s direction to the CMC to examine all issues raised by both States. While Tamil Nadu maintained that the issue of shortfall in releases had not been decided, Karnataka was of the view it was already decided by the Cauvery River Authority, headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

At the meeting, the sources said, Tamil Nadu stuck to its demand for 48 tmcft and pointed out that there was a shortfall of 2.15 tmcft to be released from out of 8.85 tmcft ordered by the TMC on October 12. Further, it was urged, Karnataka should release 4.05 tmcft from November 1 to 15. Accordingly, the CMC directed Karnataka to release a total of 6.20 tmcft during this period.

When Tamil Nadu insisted that the CMC decide on the issue of shortfall of 48 tmcft to be released by Karnataka, the committee asked the State to file written submissions in two days and Karnataka to respond to them in two days thereafter.

The CMC will meet again on November 15 to review the situation.