MDMK general secretary Vaiko started the second spell of his campaign in the Theni Lok Sabha constituency on Tuesday, appealing to the Election Commission to order closure of all TASMAC shops in Tamil Nadu from April 10 so as to maintain peace.

He said leading parties started distributing cash among their cadre, and the money would end up in TASMAC shops. The people, especially women and college students, were the worst affected as they could not walk on streets peacefully. Shutting the TASMAC shops for three days would not be enough.

Mr. Vaiko highlighted his struggle to protect the rights of the State in the Mullaperiyar dam issue.

He said the NDA must have to win all constituencies not only to make Narendra Modi Prime Minister but also to ensure that the State won its rights.

Late arrival

At Andipatti, Mr. Vaiko was not allowed by the police to campaign at the MGR statue junction as he reached the venue after the allotted time.