“Industry body to work for resolving apprehension of gas pipelines passing along residential sites”

A roadmap for a Southern gas grid and establishing centres for robotics/automation and technology development facilities for additive manufacturing in at least two southern cities are among the major proposals in the agenda for 2013-14 unveiled here on Thursday by the Confederation of Indian Industry-Southern Region (CII-SR).

Addressing a press conference, B. Santhanam, CII-SR Chairman, said the industry body would work with the authorities in resolving any apprehension that the public may have of gas pipelines passing along residential sites.

“It is important that the political and industry leadership win the confidence of the public through dialogue rather than try to push a project down people’s throats,” Mr. Santhanam said.

Team CII in the southern region will establish Technology Development Centres for Robotics/Automation in two cities, possibly Coimbatore and Bangalore to address technology deficit of MSMEs. These centres would provide umbrella R&D and testing facilities for medium and small scale enterprises.

A Technology Development Centre for Additive Manufacturing, which advocates a decentralised layer-by-layer approach to building a product, is also proposed in two cities.

The CII’s other priorities involve fast-tracking signature infrastructure projects, promoting industrial corridors, skill development, driving renewable energy projects and providing impetus to affirmative action. The CII-SR will also launch a five-day Festival of South India in Hyderabad later this year to provide a platform for the southern States to promote tourism, art and culture in a concerted manner.

A networking platform for women professionals and initiating Business Mentoring Services for women entrepreneurs is part of plans to give impetus to diversity.

Another proposal is to institute a CSR Exchange that would pool projects of various companies across verticals such as education, healthcare and women and child development.

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