The Confederation of Indian Industry – Tamil Nadu will help facilitate drawing up a barometer of quality standards for the healthcare industry, across various systems of medicine.

E.S. Krishnamoorthy, convenor, Healthcare Panel, CII, and honorary secretary, VHS, said the Confederation could examine the possibilities of setting standards in the healthcare industry, involving allopathic and Indian Systems of Medicine and wellness, that would render these sectors viable medical tourism opportunities.

The CII, he said, sees great opportunity for an integrative model of healthcare, marrying allopathy with other systems such as ayurveda, yoga, Siddha, Unani, Acupuncture and Acupressure. This would open up medical tourism opportunities provided certain quality standards are guaranteed to patient-tourists.

Speaking to mediapersons on Wednesday, Dr. Krishnamoorthy said the other key project for CII is work on a public-private-partnership model along with the Tamil Nadu government. “This has more to do with systems and processes at the Primary Health Centre level, not really infrastructure. Can we provide a good model that can then be replicated elsewhere?” While this continues to be a work in progress, one of the angles being examined is the possibility of getting local companies/industries to adopt a PHC.

Pointing to the huge gap in healthcare human resources, he said CII was also planning an entry into the skills-training arena. School leavers will be trained to work within the health and wellness industry, coached in specific domain areas such as elderly care, palliative care, field level investigators.

Certification of these courses by an authorised agency will be discussed before they are launched, he added.

Dr. Krishnamoorthy said vast opportunities in other health segments such as elder care, rehabilitation and rejuvenation therapies, counselling, fitness and nutrition are also likely to emerge, broadening the definition of healthcare itself.