A case has been registered under the Essential Commodities Act against three chemical industries here after seizure of about 50 tonnes of fertilizer grade Potassium Chloride by the district administration on Tuesday. The fertilizer grade potassium chloride procured at a subsidised cost of Rs.5400 in the open market has been used for the manufacture of Potassium Chlorate.

Cases have been registered against Sun Chem, Jyothi Chlorides and Kumaran Chemicals after it was ascertained post lab-tests that the raw materials used in the manufacture of Chlorate were procured at a subsidised cost meant for fertilizer production.The samples were sent for lab tests by the agricultural department and a complaint was lodged with the food cell.

Action has been taken under the Fertilizer Control Act. Tests were conducted taken under the presumption of doubt after an earlier seizure of about 19,000 tonnes of potash from Vaigai Industries and Karaikal Chloride in mid-July on similar grounds. The case against the other two industries is being handled by the CBI and as of now case was registered on Wednesday against these three industries, said a source from the Food Cell.