He died at his residence in Chennai on Tuesday afternoon.

Carnatic music teacher Bombay S. Ramachandran, whose disciples remember him as a simple man wedded for life to music, died at his residence here on Tuesday afternoon. He was 91 and a bachelor.

An expert committee member of the Music Academy, Ramachandran, who received the title of Sangita Kalacharya instituted by the Academy in 2000, was Head of the Vocal Department in Shanmukhananda, Bombay, for over three decades.

“He lived for music… music was everything to him, wife, children, family,” Aruna Ranganathan, one of his students, said, adding he died of old age. Describing him as a person who never sought fame, she said he was active and taught till last year.

A student of Thirupambaram Swaminatha Pillai and T.Brinda and T.Mukta, the noted music teacher belonged to the first batch of Madras Music College. Among his students are Lakshmi Devanathan, Nandita Ravi and Geetha Raja.

Six years ago, in an interview, he told The Hindu that an astrologer had predicted that he would lead a renunciate’s life. He was right, the music teacher said, adding “music has made life agreeable, even comfortable, for me. I trained students well. Taught them raga nuances and accurate notation. Got recognised as a good teacher. I sing on the radio. No sabha concerts, but no regrets. Lack of performance opportunities is not lack of merit, is it?"

The cremation will be held on Wednesday.