BSNL Chennai Telephones is launching a drive to woo back landline defaulters as part of a larger plan to buoy up broadband penetration.

Though BSNL's Chennai Circle has a reputation for a high bill collection rate, the proposed reconnection campaign aims at winning back a substantial number of defaulters through a soft amnesty scheme.

The number of disconnected lines due to customer default is estimated to be about 30,000.

Though in percentage terms, this segment represents only a fraction of the 10 lakh landline subscriber base, the BSNL reckons that the potential revenue earnings from defaulters returning to the fold of active users – especially if they can be tempted to have a taste of broadband – could more than offset the concessions in its quid pro quo offer.

Under the plan, defaulters can get their landlines restored by paying just one-third of the outstanding amount upfront. The rest is to be repaid in three subsequent instalments.

Those who accept the offer to pay 30 per cent (or even more) of their dues will have their lines restored within an hour of payment while broadband connections would take one day for reactivation, an official said. However, ISD facility is being restored only after the entire outstanding is settled. As part of the campaign, letters in English and Tamil detailing the offer are being personally delivered to all disconnected subscribers through the divisional engineers, linemen or phone mechanics. The Deputy General Manager of each area has been tasked with overseeing the delivery of letters.

BSNL's customer touchpoints have been instructed to take the customer's willingness letters at the time of accepting payments as part of the offer.

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