The Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board said here on Monday that it was making efforts to stabilise the building that sank at Ammankulam in Coimbatore on Sunday. It denied charges that the quality of construction was suspect.

Apart from iron poles provided as support to prevent the building from leaning in any direction, concrete blocks were placed around the foundation to check further sinking of block IV B at Ammankulam, a senior official told The Hindu.

The building had not sunk beyond the 25 cm mark reported early on Sunday, the official said, suggesting that it was stable beyond that point. Therefore, demolition was not being considered at this point of time.

The first building that sank on April 3 was, however, being demolished as a decision to do so had been taken soon after the incident.

Soil samples were taken at the site on Monday. Denying charges of poor construction, he said the entire building would have collapsed if that were the case. But, only one block had sunk. There was also no crack.

The sinking had caused only an expansion of a joint between two blocks. The official said stringent monitoring was being done to ensure there was no compromise on quality.