The Union government has reconstituted the Board of Trustees of Chennai Port for a period of two years from April 2014 to March 2016. ChPT Chairman Atulya Misra has been retained as ex-officio chairman of the trust, while the post of his deputy has been left untouched as it is vacant for the time being. According to the sources, the reconstituted board has 20 members, of which three were replaced and three others were retained.

There are seven ex-officio members on the board representing the Ministry of Shipping, Customs, State government, the Defence Services, Indian Railways, Coast Guard and Mercantile Marine Department. The board also has two labour representatives, five elected nominees from chambers of commerce and other associations and five others are nominated.

Ministry of Shipping, Development Advisor (Ports), B. Poiyaamozhi has been named as an ex-officio in the place of Joint Secretary (Ports), N. Muruganandam. The State government is represented by Highways and Minor Ports, Principal Secretary, Rajeev Ranjan. The Indian Maritime University, vice Chairman, K. Ashok Vardhan Shetty will represent the elected category.

Madras Port Railwaymen’s Union, General Secretary, V.K. Balakrishnan, replaces Chennai Port and Dock Workers Congress president, G. Kalan. Madras Port Trust Employees Union, General Secretary, G.M. Krishnamurthy’s tenure will continue for two more years.

Southern India Chamber of Commerce and Industry, shipping and logistics committee co-chairman, A.V. Vijaykumar succeeds the chamber’s representative S.R. Ramakrishnan. Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry, J. Krishnan and Hindustan Chamber of Commerce representative Ishwar Achanta will continue to hold office.