A three-member team from Blue Cross India (BCI) took stock of the situation at emu farms at Perundurai and other parts in the district on Tuesday.

Many emu promoters abandoned thousands of birds and went underground after the multi-crore investment fraud came to light.

The team led by BCI General Manager Don Williams visited Susi Emu Farms and Queen Emu Farms and a few other small farms at Perundurai following a request made by the Animal Welfare Board of India.

Expressing satisfaction at the arrangements made by the government to maintain the birds at Susi Emu Farms, its members said that officials and workers at the farm were taking care of the birds.

The team felt that conditions at the Queen Emu Farms were bad and needed immediate improvement. “…The birds were not under the expert care. The administration deputed a few workers to feed them. It is not enough,” said Arun Prasanna, a member of the team. The team appreciated the efforts taken by the government to manage the crisis. “We are satisfied with the way the government handled the crisis and ensured care for the birds. But, the government should bring in more measures so that the birds do not die of starvation,” Mr. Williams said.

The BCI team said it would submit a detailed report to the Animal Welfare Board shortly, suggesting measures to be taken up to ensure better care for the emu birds.


Two more employees of Susi Emu Farms heldAugust 28, 2012