Prime Minister Manmohan Singh owes an explanation to people on his allegations against some non-governmental organisations (NGOs) with regard to the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project issue, Prakash Javadekar, national spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), said here on Monday.

Addressing a media conference, he said that while Dr. Singh had levelled certain allegations against these NGOs, “he has not named them; he has not told the country regarding the funds they received and how they influenced the issue (ongoing agitation)”.

“While the Opposition parties and even the media could speak of various things on the issue, how can the Prime Minister level an allegation without sufficient details? It is, after all, the Home Ministry that gives permission for these NGOs to receive funds. Then he should have details. If he has the details, he should come out with them and initiate action.”

He wondered what the government was doing when these funds were received.

Even terror groups are funded by anti-national and anti-Indian groups.

“The PM cannot say that he does not know anything about them.”

“If his allegation (against the NGOs) is true, he should come out with all the details. However, failure to do so shows that the Congress has lost of the art of statecraft and governance.”

Answering a query, he said that his party was for power from all sources, including nuclear.

All it wanted the government to do was to allay the fears of the people of the Kudankulam region.

Mr. Javdekar lambasted the United Progressive Alliance government for launching a “frontal attack on federalism”. For instance, the proposed National Counter Terrorism Centre was against the “very spirit of federalism”. The proposal of Union Human Resources Development Minister Kabil Sibal to compile a list of Vice-Chancellors for use by the State governments was another classic example of how “the Central government keeps on taking the powers away from the States and concentrates all powers in its hands”.

The UPA's approach to various legislations including the Communal Violence Bill smacked of its “dictatorial mentality”. Referring to the nation-wide strike called by various trade unions on Tuesday, he said that the BJP supported the stir because the demands and aspirations were just.