The City Corporation has constructed walls around a major portion of the Sadayampalayam tank as part of the project in progress to recharge the aquifer.

The tank on a seven-acre expanse is being beautified with Rs. 2.5 crore funding from the State Government as a recreation spot.

The water body in a scenic location is expected to gain higher attention of the public in future as the alignment of the proposed ring road is close by, locals say.

When the works were inaugurated in September, corporation officials said the deepening and beautification works would be completed in six months time.

The project has so far progressed as planned earlier, official sources said.

There would be fifty recharge wells on the tank bed to recharge the aquifer, the sources said. Run-off water from residential localities around flow into the tank.

The beautification work is being carried out with the amount sanctioned from the Infrastructure Gap Filling Fund.