The AIADMK on Friday held a demonstration in Delhi against the proposed Marine Fisheries (Management and Regulation) Bill.

The party alleged that if enacted, the law would deprive the fishermen of their livelihood.

Led by former minister D. Jayakumar and AIADMK’s Parliamentary Party leader V. Maitrayen, the fishermen demanded that the Marine Fisheries Bill be dropped permanently.

Jayalalithaa charge

Meanwhile, in a statement here, party general secretary Jayalalithaa accused the Centre of trying to create an exclusive economic zone without thinking for a moment that such an attempt would cause an enormous damage to domestic fishermen.

The Bill, she said, would restrict the fishing activities to the areas within 12 nautical miles. The area beyond the stipulated miles would come under the control of the Central government, Ms. Jayalalityhaa said.

“For a good catch the fishermen have to go beyond 12 nautical miles. Such restriction will finally destroy fishing in the country.”

Ms. Jayalalithaa also described as eyewash, the proposed consultation on the Bill, saying that there was nothing in it that required consultation.