Scaling up the party’s electioneering, the ruling AIADMK has launched its “mobile phone campaign” in which Chief Minister Jayalalithaa seeks votes in a pre-recorded audio message.

In a two minute message, Ms Jayalalithaa introduces herself and seeks vote for AIADMK’s two leaves symbol for a “prosperous India”.

“I am your sister Jayalalithaa speaking,” begins the message in which she urges the voters to choose AIADMK and press the two-leaves button on the ballot box.

The AIADMK is already running an “LED campaign” in which huge screens mounted on trucks go around the constituencies informing the electorate of the achievement of Jayalalithaa government and pro-poor programmes it was implementing.

The party also has a robust online presence and is active in social media like Facebook.

It’s refurbished website urges electors to vote for it and has a tagline of “together, let’s build a nation that thrives on peace, prosperity and progress”.

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