‘Health' of electronic systems found to be extremely good

The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board has deputed a team of officials to the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP) to verify the data submitted to them after the ‘hot run' of the first of the two 1,000 MWe reactors to enable KKNPP staff working round the clock to ensure the early commissioning of the plant.

Once the AERB officials give their clearance after verifying the data, the reactor pressure vessel will be opened and dummy fuel assemblies inserted during the hot run removed from the reactor so that it will be ready for receiving enriched uranium fuel rods for the formal commissioning of the plant.

“Since every equipment installed in the reactor has performed exceptionally well as planned during the hot run, we expect that the AERB will give its nod for loading the actual fuel assembly in the reactor during May-end or early-June,” Shreyans Kumar Jain, Chairman and Managing Director, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL), told The Hindu at the KKNPP site on Wednesday. Dr. Jain is here to receive the Atomic Energy Commission Chairman and Secretary, Department Atomic Energy, Sreekumar Banerjee, who is scheduled to visit the site and address KKNPP officials before he retires from service on April 30.

Dr. Jain said the ‘health' of each of the 250-odd electrical and electronic systems in the plant after the ‘hot run' was found to be extremely good during inspection and fine-tuning was going on now as there was no degradation. The experience KKNPP staff had gained in commissioning the first reactor would be utilised for pre-commissioning work in the second unit, which could be expected before December-end.

Apart from the AERB giving its nod, the Advisory Committee on Project Safety Review would go through every detail pertaining to the ‘hot run' and give its clearance before fuel loading.

Dr. Jain refuted allegations that top-level officials of Atomstroyexports of Russia had recently visited the KKNPP site to attend to a “serious problem” in the reactor pressure vessel of the first unit.

“They were actually here to negotiate with the NPCIL team on commencing the work on the third and the fourth reactors, for which levelling and grading of land had already been completed.”

Executive Director (Projects) K.C. Purohit, was present.

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