Moments after a teacher posed questions to a group of Class I students of Chennai School, Saidapet, mathematically precise answers from all the young minds reverberated in scientific unison.

The group was the first to undergo training programme in Abacus method initiated by the Chennai Corporation on Friday. Others would have taken, at least, a few minutes to answer the same questions. The Abacus method discounts the need for use of paper and pen to work out an arithmetic problem, according to G.Aruna, a Chennai School teacher.

“The long-term goal of such programmes is to send students of Chennai Schools to institutes of excellence such as IIT,” said Mayor Subramanian.

“Chennai School students will soon excel in Mathematics. The programme for IIT coaching will start next Monday. We hope to make our students one of the best brains in the country,” he added.

Ten teachers and 100 students were initially identified for the Abacus training programme, offered free of cost. There are plans to extend the programme to all Chennai Schools.

“The Abacus method also aids cognitive development of the student,” said Kavitha Sridhar, a trainer.

“The training improves coordination between hands, eyes and brain which is crucial in development of the student,” said V.Meenakshi, another teacher of Chennai School. Deputy Commissioner (Education) M.Balaji stressed the need for effective use of the training programme by students.


Making schools more child-friendly July 16, 2010