Volunteers of People for Cattle in India (PFCI) on Sunday morning seized 77 cattle heads, which were transported illegally from Andhra Pradesh to Pollachi, in Poonamallee near here.

G. Arun Prasanna, founder of the PFCI, said three trucks were carrying more number of heads of cattle than the prescribed number. Each truck was transporting nearly 25 animals, many stacked on top of one another. Due to this, many cows and buffaloes sustained injuries, he said.

Activists seized 27 cows and 50 buffaloes from the three trucks. All of them have been taken to shelters in Chengalpattu.

The activists took the seized cattle to the Nazarethpet police station, where a complaint was lodged and a case was registered by the police. 

Mr. Arun said cattle, purchased in Andhra Pradesh, were on their way to Pollachi from where they would be transported to abattoirs in Kerala.

Talking about the shelter facility in the city, Mr. Arun said the cow shelters in the city were overflowing with cattle. The State government should make efforts to provide some space for setting up ‘ghoshalas.’

Besides, Mr. Arun pointed out that the funds provided by Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) were not sufficient, as each animal required Rs. 75 for feeding per day, he added.


Volunteers rescue over 200 heads of cattle April 22, 2013