Three members of Delhi Police Commando Force sustained injuries in an accidental explosion at Hanumanthapuram Firing Range near Chengalpattu on Thursday.

According to police, the 43-member team, which is taking part in the All India Police Commando Competitions organised by the Tamil Nadu Police, came to the firing range in the morning for a jungle combing event. While the team members fanned out in the woods at 11-30 a.m, Sandeep (23), a commando, reportedly stepped on an unexploded two-inch mortar left behind after the practice session of a para-military unit at the firing range, recently. While Sandeep sustained serious injuries in his feet, his colleagues – Amith Malik (23) and Mahender Singh (25) – sustained simple injuries on their legs and body.


Police commando competition kicks offJanuary 23, 2014