Policy shared across the country

The Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI) that runs 108 ambulance service has come out with a 15-point code for ambulance technicians ahead of the Lok Sabha elections to be held on April 24.

As per the code, the employees should not display their identity cards or aprons when they go to vote, should not park ambulances within 100 metres of polling booths and technicians should take the permission of senior officers before allowing anyone to check the vehicle.

If the police, election officials or district administrations seek the services of the ambulance, the emergency team should get permission from their senior officers before stopping the vehicle, the code mandates.

B. Prabhudoss, head of marketing and hospital relations, said similar instructions had been issued during the Assembly elections in 2011 too.

“A lot of people had made allegations that during the Assembly elections, the ambulances were checked in the middle of the road. An ambulance that was transporting a pregnant woman to a hospital was stopped and checked.”

“We have shared the policy across the country,” he said.