The BJP candidate from Nawada in Bihar, Giriraj Singh, had remarked recently that there would be no place for Modi’s critics in India and they belonged in Pakistan.

Since L.K. Advani was born in Sindh, Pakistan, this remark must have been aimed at Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, but there are better ways to punish those who are unable to stomach Mr. Modi. A ready herbal medicine is available at Dabba Chetty shop, in Kutchery Road, Mylapore which clears the stomach and relieves one from body pain. Perhaps, these critics could be made to take this herbal medicine.

Some BJP men who were campaigning for their candidate L. Ganesan had stopped near this herbal medical shop for some refreshments, and were surprised by what they overheard. An old lady talking to the shop owner said “Give me 100 grams of “Modi” please.”

When asked, the woman said, this herbal medicine, named ‘Modi’ and available in powder form, was prescribed to pregnant women who get relieved of body pain once they consume this herb. Villagers in Tamil Nadu, used to prepare ‘rasam’ out of this Modi herb.

Instantly, the BJP workers were beaming and said, “Modi, of course, is the best medicine for the country’s ills.”

Herbal ‘Modi’ is sure good to health, but one has to wait till May 16, to see if the ‘verbal’ one too is.

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