Sushma Swaraj, Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha, criticised the government on Saturday for failing miserably in punishing the accused in the 7/11 serial train blasts case and providing relief to the victims.

On the fourth anniversary of the blasts, she visited Parag Sawant, who had been in coma after being critically injured in the blast.

Out of coma

Parag recently came out of coma and started talking and recognising family members.

Ms. Swaraj said it angered her to see the innocents being made target of the terror activities.

“Parag is an example of the atrocities that a common man has to face because of terrorism. He doesn't know how these four years have passed.”

She congratulated the team of doctors and Parag's family members. “Parag's recovery is nothing less than a medical wonder. I congratulate the doctors for their persistent efforts. I also appreciate the perseverance of Parag's family. It is difficult for any family to cope up with such a trauma,” she said.

Parag's wife Preeti Sawant said that it felt good to see him talking. “He recognised me, our daughter. I am very happy.” His father said they were hoping that Parag would be able to start walking soon. “As soon as he stands on his feet, we will take discharge from the hospital,” he said.

The Western Railways is bearing the cost of Parag's treatment at present.

Ms. Swaraj will meet the blast victims on Sunday and issue a Black Paper on the government's soft-pedalling on terrorism.


7/11 probe: Sushma faults government July 12, 2010

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