Investigating officer biased in favour of Pascal Mazurier, not recording statements properly, wife says

After allegedly being subjected to hostile interrogation by the police on Monday, Suja Jones Mazurier has lodged a formal complaint with the Bangalore City Police Commissioner seeking a change of the Investigating Officer, Inspector Hanumantharaya, of the High Grounds Police Station.

In her complaint, she has said the police are trying to pressure her into withdrawing the complaint against her husband and French consulate official Pascal Mazurier, who she alleged raped their three-and-half-year-old daughter on June 13. Subsequent medical tests confirmed the rape and the forensic test results are awaited to ascertain if Mr. Mazurier was the culprit.

Ms. Mazurier said that from the time of filing an FIR, the Investigating Officer had been “biased in favour” of her husband, “who has been accused of committing rape on his own daughter — which is supported by medical evidence.” She also said, “The IO has not been recording the statements properly.”

She said a “horde” of male police officials were present during Monday’s interrogation, which was allegedly done with the “intention to intimidate” her.

During this four-hour session, she said the officers allegedly cast aspersions on her character. She was repeatedly threatened against reporting this interrogation to the media.

“All documents and events about the abusive behaviour of my husband and his anger towards even my elder son were being ignored and brushed aside, [cited as] not being relevant,” Ms. Mazurier said.