‘We are determined not to leak out any information so that the investigation is not hampered'

The statement of Nihal Tanna, who was arrested for alleged cheating and forgery, would be recorded in [Mid-Day journalist] Jyotirmoy Dey's murder case, although he is not linked to the case, Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Himanshu Roy said here on Thursday.

Mr. Roy said that Tanna was arrested in an independent case, and the fact that he met Dey few days before the fatal attack, did not mean he was involved [in Dey's murder].

“There are many who met him and spoke to him. That does not make them the accused. Since [Tanna] knew J Dey, his statement will be recorded in the murder case,” he said.

Mr. Roy dispelled the notion that the police were clueless. “The media have been speculating that we are at a dead-end. It's not like we are clueless and running around in circles. We have narrowed down to two leads and angles. But we are determined not to leak out any information so that the investigation is not hampered and the privacy of some individuals is guarded. The court has taken the view that work has been done in the case,” he said.

Mr. Roy said the Police Department shared the anxiety that the case had to be detected soon. “We have put much of the Crime Branch resources on this case. Our units are working full time,” he said.

Arrests in Kurar case

Mr. Roy announced the arrest of Uday Pathak, main accused in the brutal Kurar murders that rocked the city recently. Pathak was arrested in Varanasi for alleged role in four murders. His is the ninth arrest in the case.

Early this month, four youths were kidnapped and killed in a gruesome manner at Kurar in suburban Malad, following a brawl with Pathak. Two officers were suspended in the wake of the incident for negligence.

Mr. Roy said Pathak was the “main planner and executer” of the killings, whose motive was revenge for a bruised ego.

With 16 previous cases against him, including those of murder, extortion and serious hurt, it was surprising that he had been getting bail, Mr. Roy said.

He said the investigation agency would be seeking the death sentence for Pathak for the “premeditated” and “cold-blooded” murders.

“We will ask for the case to be given to a fast-track court and for a special public prosecutor.”

The police would also examine provisions of the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA).