His statement warning Tamils that 100 more Mullivaikals will be created provokes DMK

A rabble-rousing Sri Lankan Cabinet Minister’s utterances on the dark fate that awaits the Tamils has stirred up a controversy again in India with the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagan raking up the issue.

Power Minister Champika Ranawaka, known for making anti-India statements and then blaming the Indian media, at a press conference here on June 8, warned that 100 more Mullivaikals (where the LTTE’s final stand took place in Eelam War IV) will be created if Tamils in Sri Lanka followed the Tamil National Alliance and supported its policies.

The local media, quoting the Minister said: “Does Sampanthan [Tamil National Alliance leader] want to create 100 more Mullivaikals? We are ready to forgive and forget the past and think about the future” said the Minister.

“But, if Mr. Sampanthan is calling us to a fight, our nation would proudly accept the challenge,” he further said.

The Minister, who belongs to the Jathika Hela Urumaya (National Heritage Party), which has a large representation of Buddhist monks, was earlier in the news for his anti-Kudankulam statements.

Later, he blamed the Indian media for quoting him out of context.

In this instance, the Minister was responding to strident comments made by TNA leader R.Sampanthan. At a conclave of his party, the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi in Batticaloa, Mr. Sampanthan stated that the international community would some day realise that Sri Lanka would not accord Tamils their legitimate rights.

“We must clearly prove to the international community that the Sri Lankan government, which has delayed for so long in giving the Tamil people their rights, has never made any genuine effort to do so…We must be patient until the international community realises for itself that the effort we are involved in is doomed to fail. To put it more strongly, the international community must realise through its own experience, without us having to tell them, that the racist Sri Lankan government will never come forward and give political power to the Tamil people in a united Sri Lanka,” Mr. Sampanthan said.

Secessionist remarks

Soon after his speech, Mr.Sampanthan was criticised roundly in the Sri Lankan media for his secessionist remarks and aspirations. Some had even demanded his arrest.

Mr.Sampanthan later left for Chennai for treatment and is likely to meet Indian leaders in New Delhi before his return.

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