Arrangements include tents over 2.5 lakh sq. m. and medical centre with ICU

With yoga guru Baba Ramdev's “satyagrah” against corruption and black money due to begin this Saturday, the Ramlila Maidan here is gearing for the campaign in which a large number of people from across the country are expected to join.

According to the Bharat Swabhiman Trust, which is organising the event, the arrangements in place for the event include setting up tents over the 2.5 lakh square metre area of the ground, 1,300 toilets, a separate reverse osmosis plant for providing drinking water, 7,800 water taps, 1,000 fans and 250 coolers. A team of 60 doctors will also be at hand. A medical centre with ICU facility and 40 beds is also being arranged. However, fire safety clearance is yet to be issued to the organisers.

On Thursday, labourers were seen engaged in setting up tents and fixing flags and posters and participants, including volunteers from various organisations as well as ordinary citizens, were filling up forms at separate registration desks organised State-wise at the entry point.

Drinking water

Delhi unit head of the Bharat Swabhiman Trust Virender Singh said: “While participants, who have arrived from outside Delhi are at present housed in nearby guest houses, they will shift to the ground once the agitation kicks off on Saturday. Providing drinking water facility is a major concern in this hot weather, which is why, besides installing water taps, we have also arranged for four water tankers and will also be utilising the MCD water bore-well on the premises.”

“Over 10 sub-committees have been formed to look into the arrangements. Contrary to what is being reported, no air-conditioned rooms or tents has been provided for Baba Ramdev or any celebrities or VVIP guests expected to attend the campaign. The Baba will be resting in a tent like all others,” he added.

According to Mr. Singh, the schedule of events during the satyagrah include sandhya yagna, updesh pravachan and ashtang yog, which will continue non-stop from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Heavy security

Strict security arrangements are being made at the site through deployment of police force and installation of CCTV cameras. Police officials confirmed that the present deployment of one company of Delhi Police personnel at the site would go up to 10 companies, comprising about 700 policemen, by Saturday.

Bomb squad

A senior police officer said: “Apart from police deployment, a watch would also be maintained over the nearby high-rise buildings, and an anti-sabotage and bomb squad would be present. A token system for securing baggage of participants would be followed to check theft. Searching, frisking and ground surveys through hand-held metal detectors are already taking place and would further intensify from Saturday.”

1 lakh registrations

“About 1 lakh people have registered so far and by Saturday the figure is expected to swell to 3 lakh, so accordingly we too have to step up our efforts,” he added.

A missed call campaign and a Facebook page have also been dedicated to the cause by the organisers and supporters of Baba Ramdev's anti-corruption movement.

“So far about 50 lakh people have extended their support to us through the missed call campaign, which started 10 days ago,” Mr. Singh added.