We have nothing against people of Kerala, says Chief Minister Jayalalithaa

A special session of Tamil Nadu Assembly will be held on December 15, to express the solidarity of the people and all political parties and to pass a resolution that the state will not give up our rights over Mullaperiyar, because of the imaginary threat to the safety and security of the dam, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa said on Sunday.

In a statement here, she said the issue of Mullaperiyar Dam was pending before the Supreme Court and her government believed that the solution to this problem lied in presenting sound technical and scientific data to the Supreme Court and in convincing the Court about the justness of our stand.

"As a result, I have been appealing to the people of Tamil Nadu to eschew emotions and to be rational at all times. I am one with you and share the same emotions and strongly believe in peace and prosperity for my people and the Country," Ms. Jayalalithaa said.

Calling upon the people of Tamil Nadu not to get carried away emotionally, she said “Let us show to the world that we do not believe in violence and hatred.”

She said even if there were only a few individuals who were in trouble or anybody in the State who had problems, she and her government were first to respond.

"With regard to the present issue, neither my people nor I and my Government have got anything against the people of Kerala or their Government. We have no quarrel with the people of Kerala. Therefore, destroying their properties or causing injury to them and in the process also causing ourselves pain and hardship is not a solution," she stressed.

She appealed to the people to allow the government to handle the issue scientifically and logically.

"It is my earnest appeal to all the agitating people of the border areas not to precipitate the situation and to disperse immediately," she added.

DMK protest

Meanwhile, the DMK announced that it would form a human chain in support of the demand for increasing the water level from 136 feet to 142 at Mullaperiyar, on December 14 instead of December 15 in view of the special session of the Assembly. This protest would be held in Ramanathapuram, Sivaganga, Dindigul, Madurai and Theni districts, the party said.