Expelled Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh on Sunday criticised Mulayam Singh for “humiliating” him and said he was eager to form a new party.

Addressing a Kshatriya Mahakumbh rally at the Ramlila Grounds here, Mr. Singh said: “Jaya Prada advised me to remain patient and tolerate the wrongful behaviour of Mr. Mulayam Singh for the sake of my political career, but there is a limit to toleration and patience.

“Though Mr. Mulayam Singh ensured that all important posts in the SP were occupied by his own family members and relatives, I still remained committed to him and the party. But all I got in return were abuses…I was made a scapegoat for all the party debacles.”


He added: “I was going through multiple health problems, including kidney failure, due to which I took a temporarily sabbatical. But even in my worst health condition, I dedicated my blood and soul to the party only to be rewarded with betrayal. I could not take it anymore as my pride was hurt and I felt insulted. Now I have finally left the party and returned to my own people.”

However, Mr. Singh stated that despite all the bad blood, he was never personally disrespectful of Mr. Mulayam Singh, who had been his mentor for 14 years.

“I am grateful to Mr. Mulayam Singh, and if he had not betrayed me, I would have continued to serve him and his family. But now I will not compromise with my pride. I was anyway eager to start my own party and think of new ideas, and it is in this regard that the coming together of the kshatriya community is important. If this community unites in solidarity, it can prove to be a big strength,” he said.

Expelled SP leader Jaya Prada, who shared the dais with Mr. Singh, said: “I am grateful to Mulayam Singh for expelling me and Amar Singh, because if that had not happened, Amar Singh could not have emerged as a promising new leader of the kshatriya community. This has opened up a new path and opportunity for us.”

The rally was also addressed by Bhojpuri film actor Manoj Tewari, who referred to Mr. Singh as ‘bhaiyaji' and pledged his unstinted support to him in all his political endeavours, including the formation of a separate Poorvanchal State.

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