There has been a slight improvement in the condition of veteran Marxist leader Jyoti Basu who was admitted to a private hospital here with pneumonia on January 1.

A hospital spokesperson said on Sunday that according to the medical board that was supervising his treatment, the condition of the nonagenarian leader was “slightly better” than it was on Saturday.

The medical board has been expanded to include a geriatrician (medicine) and now comprises seven members.

The spokesperson said, “antibiotics are being administered to Mr. Basu who continues to be on oxygen and respiratory support.” He was also given a unit of blood on Saturday night.

Mr Basu was given liquid diet during the day. His blood pressure was normal.

Among those who visited Mr. Basu at the hospital were the State’s Industries Minister, Nirupam Sen and the State’s Finance Minister, Asim Dasgupta.

Mr. Sen told waiting journalists that according to the doctors attending on Mr. Basu his condition was better than it was the previous day. Doctors he had spoken to were hopeful that his condition would improve further, he added.

Dr. Dasgupta said that Mr. Basu, in a voice that was still feeble, told him that he would like to be taken back home.