The Special Investigation Team (SIT), which investigated Zakia Jaffry's complaint that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and 62 others orchestrated the 2002 riots, submitted its report to the Supreme Court on Friday.

The SIT, headed by the former CBI Director R.K. Raghavan, submitted the report to the Court Registry in a sealed cover.

The probe followed an order by the Court on April 27, 2009 on Ms. Jaffry's petition. Armed with the order, the SIT examined Mr. Modi and others.

Former Congress MP Ehsan Jaffri was burnt to death in his own home during the riots.

Though Mr. Modi cooperated with the SIT, the Gujarat government strongly opposed the SIT's power to summon him for interrogation and challenged the Court order.

At the last hearing, the former Law Minister, Ram Jethmalani, appearing for one of the persons cited as accused in the complaint, took objection to the probe by the SIT. He contended that it was a procedure unknown to law and that the Court order should be recalled and all further proceedings pursuant to it stayed.

The Bench, however, said it would hear Mr. Jethmalani on this issue in August. Therefore, whether the court would act on the SIT's report or not would be known only after Mr. Jethmalani's petition is heard.