Darshana Dhawle, wife of Dalit activist, writer and editor of Vidrohi magazine Sudhir Dhawle, who was arrested in Wardha district for alleged links with Maoists, lodged a complaint against police highhandedness here on Sunday. Ms. Dhawle in her written complaint stated that her signatures were taken under duress on the panchanama report of the articles seized from the couple's house in Mumbai.

According to her, the police falsely stated she had answered the door when they came for a search. In reality, she was at work at the time and arrived home after being informed on the phone, Ms. Dhawle said. She said in her complaint the police did not have a search warrant.

Inspector Bhalchandra Rane told The Hindu the complaint would be forwarded to the higher authorities.

No jurisdiction

“We do not have jurisdiction in this matter since the police personnel were from another district. Secondly, there are sections for which there need not be a warrant,” he said.

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