Following Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement at the Chief Ministers’ conference, Pakistan reminded India of its commitment at Sharm-el Sheikh to share “actionable” information on terror threats, and reiterated its promise to co-operate in pre-empting any attacks being planned from its territory.

The Pakistan Foreign Ministry called in P. Kumaran, political counsellor at the Indian High Commission here, to convey that it had taken “serious and prompt” notice of Dr. Singh’s remarks that India apprehended more attacks by Pakistan-based terrorist groups.

“At Sharm-el Sheikh, both sides had agreed that the ‘two countries will share real time, credible and actionable information on any future terrorist threats.’ In all sincerity, we would request India to share information that they have and for our part we stand ready to co-operate fully in pre-empting any act of terror,” the Foreign Ministry said.