The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has suggested screening of people residing or visiting Mayapuri scrap yard, which was affected by radiation contamination, and continuation of the process of finding more sources of radioactivity in the area.

“Screening of the people around the area where radioactive Cobalt 60 was found is necessary to rule out the possibility of anyone else being exposed,” a senior member of the NDMA told PTI.

NDMA also recommended scanning of all the shops in the scrapyard of Mayapuri to find out any remaining sources of cobalt 60, he said.

The scrap dealers, who were very closely exposed to the radiation source, suffered Acute Radiation Syndrome and one of them died and two more are very critical.

According to Atomic Energy Regulatory Board officials, the screening of scrap shops in Mayapuri is being carried out by India’s Radiation Emergency Response system (RERS) under the leadership of Dr Pradeep Kumar with the help of Delhi police using portable detectors, including survey meters and also the teledetectors.