All schools have been closed in Jalgoan district till July 28, after 450 students were found to suffer from a viral infection. The infection, which started in Nhavi taluk, has spread to other parts of the district in less than 10 days.

The decision to close schools was announced after 30 students suddenly witnessed the viral infection in Jalgaon city's Corporation run Choube School. All have been moved to hospitals.

The infection started in the district on July 15, when 113 students in Nhavi Taluka were affected by the virus, a total of 450 having been affected since. According to sources, until two days back, even with over 300 students affected, the district administration and health departments had not yet taken stringent actions on the issue. Members of Legislative Assembly from the region have said that they will take up this question in the State Assembly. But since then, schools in Yaval, Raver, Chopda, Bhusawal, Jamner and MuktaiNagar talukas have been closed.

According to the district administration, reports have been received from Pune laboratories, all sent samples having been marked as negative for water-borne, blood specific viral infections.