The BJP has demanded the “scaling down” of diplomatic relations with Pakistan and recall of the Indian High Commissioner in Islamabad.

It is the most strident posture against Pakistan by the party since the 2001 Parliament attack, after which the Atal Bihari Vajpayee-led government drastically curtailed relations with Islamabad.

In a written statement here, party president Rajnath Singh charged the UPA government with mollycoddling Pakistan. Unless Pakistan abided by its commitment of January 2004 that no terror activities against India would be carried out from its soil, the Centre should suspend the Confidence Building Measures (CBMs).

“If Pakistan does not stop its support to terrorists, then India should also recall its High Commissioner. The UPA government’s policy of mollycoddling Pakistan has emboldened terrorists and other anti-India forces. Terrorists have galvanised their groups and this situation could get worse in 2014 after the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan,” he maintained.

Condemning the resolution by Pakistan Parliament on the hanging of Afzal Guru, Mr. Singh said that it was a brazen act of interference in India’s internal affairs.

“Pakistan has crossed all boundaries in its diplomatic dealings with India. The BJP firmly believes that almost all terrorist activities in India are sponsored by Pakistan and by adopting a resolution on Afzal Guru in the National Assembly, Pakistan has given its stamp of approval of its association with terrorist groups.”

Mr. Singh contended that to maintain peace in the region, having an army capable of facing emerging challenges was a must and the UPA government should focus on strengthening the military power by increasing its numbers and rapidly modernising the forces.

At its recent National Council meeting, the party had argued that it was suicidal to have “normality in relationship” with Pakistan unless the neighbouring country took decisive action against “terrorist elements operating from its soil against India.”

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