“Surveillance cameras to be installed at the entrance”

The Tiruchi Rural Police have decided to enhance vigil at Mukkombu, a tourist spot situated a few kilometres from the city, by installing surveillance cameras at the entrance of this picnic centre.

The law-enforcers have proposed to initially install two speed dome cameras – one at the Jeeyapuram entry side and the other at the Vathalai entry point of Mukkombu (Upper Anicut) in order to keep a close watch on those entering and leaving the tourist spot.

The proposed move to install surveillance cameras come in the wake of the murder of an Army Major at Mukkombu last month with a view to tightening up the monitoring system at this favourite hangout of the tourists.

The movements of those entering and leaving Mukkombu would be monitored through the cameras by police personnel from the temporary outposts that have been established at Jeeyapuram and Vathalai sides of the tourist spot.

The temporary police outposts were set up a couple of days after the murder of the Army Major to step up patrolling inside the tourist spot and weed out the presence of unwanted elements from there.

Police authorities here say the outpost at the Jeeyapuram side and Vathalai side were each manned by a team of five police personnel headed by a Sub Inspector of Police round-the-clock in two shifts.

The objective of creating the temporary outposts is also to enable tourists get in touch with the law enforcers in case of any emergency.

In addition to establishment of temporary outposts, mobile vehicles moving on the Tiruchi – Karur national highway and Tiruchi – Salem main road were also carrying out rounds inside Mukkombu as part of visible policing, says a senior police officer. The move to install surveillance cameras is not only aimed at enhancing vigil but also creating confidence among tourists visiting Mukkombu, the officer said adding that the cameras would be in place within a month.