The Election Commission on Thursday announced biennial elections to 55 seats of Rajya Sabha from 13 States and by-election to one seat from Rajasthan.

The by-election from Rajasthan is caused due to the death of Krishan Lal Balmiki (BJP) on April 21 this year. The member would have had term till April 3, 2012, had he been alive. This by-poll is scheduled on June 17.

The biennial election will be held on June 17 for 11 seats in Uttar Pradesh, six seats each in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, five seats in Bihar, four each in Karnataka and Rajasthan, three each in Madhya Pradesh and Orissa, and two seats each in Chhatisgarh, Punjab and Jharkhand, and one seat in Uttarakhand. On June 14 the biennial poll will be held for six seats in Andhra Pradesh.

In Andhra Pradesh the poll notification will be issued on May 28 and in the rest of the States on May 31. For poll in A.P., the last date for filing nomination is June 4 and June 5 is the last date of scrutiny. The last date of withdrawal of papers is June 7.

In other States, June 7 is the last date for filing the papers. On June 8 the papers will be scrutinised and June 10 is the last date of withdrawal of candidature.

The poll will be held between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. and the counting at 5 p.m.