An advertisement by the Gujarat Congress using a visual of a Sri Lankan flood victim carrying her malnourished infant to depict the same problem in tribal areas of the State has become a bone of contention between the ruling BJP and the Congress ahead of the Assembly elections next month.

The BJP has condemned the advertisement saying the Opposition party should not use such “cheap gimmicks.” “There has been lots of work done on the issue [of malnourishment] and there may be some lacunae; the issue is being addressed but this [using such images] is not proper,” national BJP spokesperson Nirmala Seetharaman told reporters here on Monday.

Meanwhile, Congress’ campaign in-charge Siddharth Patel said the ruling party should address the issue of malnutrition that affects 40 per cent of Gujarat’s population when making tall development claims of the Narendra Modi government. He said, “The BJP is running scared and so focussing on the picture… Not the facts.”


Won’t campaign for Congress, says AminDecember 2, 2012

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