Railway reservation fees have been increased by Rs. 20 to Rs. 40 for AC classes and tatkal charges too have gone up by Rs. 15 (Sleeper Class) to Rs. 100 (AC II and Executive Classes).

Similarly, the clerkage charges have been revised by Rs. 5 (Second Class) to Rs. 10 (common for all AC coaches), while the cancellation fee has been increased by Rs. 10 (second class) to Rs. 50 (AC II and Executive Classes).

By this account, a Second Class passenger using superfast trains will have to bear an additional burden of Rs. 10 per travel, while those travelling in Sleeper Class Rs. 20, AC Chair Car and AC 3 Rs. 40, First Class Rs. 50, AC II Rs. 50 and those travelling in AC I and Executive Rs. 60.

Mr. Bansal said the increase in these charges was made to improve services for passengers by pushing the touts out of business.