The National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW) has asked the Centre to reject the Kirit Parikh Committee’s recommendation for decontrol of the petrol and diesel prices.

The recommendations will fuel the already high prices, Annie Raja, general secretary of the federation, said here in a statement.

Pointing to the “strange” logic cited in the reported for the deregulation, Ms. Raja said India opened up most of the crucial sectors in the name of competition, and the poor people were the victims of the policy.

The people were finding it hard to make ends meet, she said. The recommendation for an increase of Rs.100 a domestic LPG cylinder and Rs.6 a litre of kerosene would ruin the life of the rural and middle-class people.

Expecting a price increase, gas agencies were refusing LPG bookings, she said. The Centre should initiate steps to nationalise the oil and natural gas sector.


Implement Parikh Committee report, says CARE February 6, 2010

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