Former Chairman of Satyam Computers B. Ramalinga Raju was rushed to the Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) from Chanchalguda Jail on Monday after he complained of chest pain.

Doctors at the hospital immediately conducted an ECG and Echo Cardiogram. Resident Medical Oficer of NIMS Dr, M. Srinivas said Mr. Raju was brought after he complained of pain and discomfort in the chest. After preliminary examination, he was shifted to the ICCU for further tests and treatment.

"We are evaluating his condition which is stable right now and all the vital parameters are under control. Cardiologtst are evaluating the reports of the tests conducted so far. The cause of the pain will be known after all the tests are fully evaluated", the RMO said.

Mr. Raju is lodged in Chanchalguda jail along with his brother B. Rama Raju and Chief Financial Officer Vadlamani Srinivas since January this year when he confessed to fudging the accounts of Satyam, which was later taken over by the Mahindra group.