After taking custody of former Telecom Minister A. Raja, his former Personal Secretary R.K. Chandolia and former Telecom Secretary Siddhartha Behura, the Central Investigation Bureau (CBI) on Friday continued to question them and confront them with a whole lot of aspects that would ultimately help the agency unravel the full dimension of the 2G spectrum scam and pin down money trails allegedly received as illegal benefits.

CBI on Friday questioned A.K. Srivastava, Deputy Director General (DDG) of Department of Telecom (DoT) who had earlier served in the crucial Access Services department of the DoT. The agency called R.K. Gupta, Director with the DoT as a witness to shed more light on some of the aspects relating to the 2G spectrum scam, sources in the CBI said. Both the officials had earlier served in the Access Service department of DoT but were later shifted out. The CBI had also searched the premises of Mr. Srivastava.

The sources claimed that the investigation was on the “right track” and several leads which had emerged afresh were being followed by the agency officials. Sources said the alleged lending of Rs. 214 crore to a TV channel, owned by the first family of Dravid Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) party, was also under the CBI scanner.  The CBI, in tandem with the Enforcement Directorate, is likely to intensify efforts to track down the complex money trail in the 2G spectrum scam.

Sources said the CBI would call for questioning Asif Balwa, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of DB Reality whose subsidiary Dynamix Realty, had transferred the money to the TV channel. However, the sources were not inclined to say anything further on the subject except that all angles were being probed.

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