In a bid to minimise the damage caused by his outburst against the UPA government for its decision to clear an ordinance on convicted legislators, a contrite Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi sent a conciliatory e-mail to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who is in the United States on a bilateral visit.

“I realise that what I feel about the ordinance is not in harmony with the Cabinet decision and the Core Group’s view,” Mr. Gandhi has written, adding, “I also know it would be exploited by our political opponents.” He then goes on to stress: “You know that I have the highest respect for you and I look up to you for your wisdom. I have nothing but the greatest admiration for the manner in which you are providing leadership in extremely difficult circumstances. I hope you will understand the strength of my own conviction about this very controversial issue.”

Evidently, Mr. Gandhi has been told that undermining the Prime Minister, who has for nine years led the UPA government, cannot help the Congress. After all, it is the record of this government that the party will have to defend in the run-up to the elections.

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