Reacting to India's selective approach to dialogue, Pakistan officials said that till Wednesday night India was open to discussing all issues. This was more or less agreed to at the dinner hosted by Pakistan Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi for External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna.

Even during the course of the talks, dates for a possible visit by Mr. Qureshi to India in late November was considered but then Pakistan apparently decided against it given India's reluctance to have any structured form of dialogue.

Mr. Qureshi indicated as much in his interaction with the media here on Friday. Elaborating on what transpired, he said last-minute hitches were usual whenever there was some understanding between the two countries but categorically said that this time Pakistan was not responsible for it.

Pakistan from the start had been insisting on a sustained dialogue and picking up from where the composite dialogue was suspended by India, but New Delhi's contention was that since the process was called off because of the Mumbai terror attack, it cannot be restarted without some action in unravelling the conspiracy and bringing the culprits to book by Islamabad.

Commenting on the way the Indians conducted the negotiations, the Minister said the Indian side appeared ill-prepared with Mr. Krishna having to time and again consult New Delhi.

Pointing out that he had entered the dialogue well prepared and with the full mandate of the Pakistani leadership, Mr. Qureshi pondered aloud why his counterpart — who is supposed to preside over Indian diplomacy — needed to consult New Delhi ever so often.

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