There is finally some good news from Safdarjung Hospital, where the 23-year-old woman, who was gang-raped and brutally assaulted by six men on December 16, is undergoing treatment for her extensive injuries.

Medical superintendent B.D. Athani said on Saturday that “the condition of the patient has shown improvement and she is psychologically totally balanced and in a positive frame of mind. However, the danger of infection spreading in her body continues. Her white blood cell count has improved but platelet is lower than that of Friday. Platelet rich plasma has been administered to the patient, while our team of doctors are maintaining a round-the-clock monitoring of her health.”

Stating that the patient had shown more than a marginal improvement, Dr. Athani said: “The patient is more alert and communicative. She asked for water. All her parameters are optimum except reduction in platelet count.”

For the first time after the woman was admitted, a team of psychologists assessed her condition. The medical superintendent said: “Our psychiatry department team led by Dr. Kuldip Kumar and Dr. Abhilasha Yadav did preliminary psychology profile/assessment of the victim.”


Explaining her psychological state, Dr. Kumar said: “Doctors followed a sensitive approach while interacting with the patient and our preliminary investigations have shown that she is psychologically composed. The patient is responding well but it is still too early to say anything. Psychologically the patient is stable, optimistic and hopes of having a good future.

“What also came across during the interaction was that the patient is a very brave person who despite the ordeal has a positive outlook for her future. Her current state of mind can best be described as balanced and composed.”

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