Even as the debt-ridden Kingfisher Airlines sought government assistance, Bajaj Auto chief Rahul Bajaj has said the private sector should not be bailed out and “those who die must die.”

“I am proud of the private sector and I don't see any logic for bailing out any private sector company either for the sake of employees or customers,” Mr. Bajaj told NDTV.

“If Bajaj Auto gets into a mess, would you bail me out,” he asked, adding, “If it's a free market economy, those who die must die.”

Mr. Bajaj even voiced his displeasure over government help to national air carrier Air India and said that it should be privatised. “I am not even in favour of what's being done for Air India... Air India should be privatised, sold off or closed. It is taxpayers' money going down the drain,” he said.

However, Mr. Bajaj was on the same plane with Kingfisher founder Vijay Mallya over high taxes in the aviation sector being a spoilsport.

“The aviation sector is very highly taxed. We need to relook at taxation. All airlines are in losses, everyone can't be inefficient,” he said.


Kingfisher says it has not sought bailoutNovember 14, 2011

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