It is too late but the government should wake up and seriously address the Commonwealth Games issues so that the event can be held successfully and the nation is not shamed, the Bharatiya Janata Party said here on Wednesday.

The former BJP president M. Venkaiah Naidu's charge is that comments coming from ministers and others on the CWG Organising Committee betrayed a “careless and callous approach.” Reports of footbridges crashing, false ceilings falling, and unhygienic conditions in the Games Village were giving India a bad name. The winning of the Games by the Vajpayee government offered a wonderful opportunity to showcase a resurgent India, but that seemed to have been lost, Mr. Naidu said.

“Let me make it clear, the BJP wants the Games to be successful. Various issues related to corruption can be addressed later. We do not want to gloss over any irregularity. But at the moment we have to focus our energies on ensuring the success of the Games. We had six years to prepare but clearly we did nothing on time.”

A Group of Ministers, empowered to take decisions and monitor preparations, seemed to have wound up and it felt it had no work left. The Union Government, the Delhi Chief Minister and the Organising Committee could not escape responsibility. The BJP requested the Prime Minister to take things in his hands and save the country from shame and humiliation, Mr. Naidu said demanding his immediate intervention.

Security worry

The shooting incident at the Jama Masjid and an alleged security lapse, as shown by a sting operation carried out by a foreign journalist, added to the lack of confidence in security arrangements. It was imperative that India provide foolproof security for the event, and to athletes, spectators and all foreign guests.

Finally, the government must not only take all complaints seriously and remedy the shortcomings but also assure all foreign missions that the Games would be successful and their sports delegations safe, Mr. Naidu said.


Glitches won't bring down Games: Sheila DikshitSeptember 22, 2010

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