Preparations are on at the Integrated Test Range (ITR), Chandipur, Orissa, for firing a new and novel missile named “Prahar” on July 21 from a road mobile launcher.

This single stage missile, fuelled by solid propellants, is being tested for the first time by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). It is surface-to-surface, has a range of 150 km and can carry conventional warheads.

“Prahar will fill the gap between Pinaka, the multi-barrel rocket system, which has a range of 45 km and the Prithvi missile that can attack targets 250 km to 350 km away,” said W. Selvamurthy, Chief Controller (Life Sciences), DRDO.

In one salvo, six Prahar missiles can be fired. It will be an important addition to the armoury.

Dr. Selvamurthy said: “It can image, take out multiple targets and can be moved to any place.”

Avinash Chander, Chief Controller (Missiles and Strategic Systems), DRDO, said Prahar was a short range missile, which would fill “a vital gap” between the unguided Pinaka rockets and the guided Prithvi missiles.

The flight-testing of Prahar will take place from the Launch Complex-III of the ITR.

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