The police on Wednesday issued notices to Sathya Sai Central Trust members R.J. Ratnakar and V. Srinivasan in connection with the investigation into the seizure of Rs. 35 lakh from a car a few days ago.

The notices require both Mr. Ratnakar and Mr. V. Srinivasan to present themselves before the district police within three days from Wednesday.

The police had been studying the legal implications of serving notices on the Trust members for quite some time. They finally served the notices under section 91 of Criminal Procedure Code, which deals with seeking information or a document that might be available with those summoned.

Police sources told The Hindu that the notices were issued as the accused in the unaccounted cash case allegedly hinted at the involvement of the two trustees in transport of the cash.

To seek bail

The three accused in the case — Harishananda Shetty, Chandrasekhar Murthy and Sohan Shetty — are planning to apply for bail on Thursday in the Judicial First Class Court at Hindupur.

Meanwhile, the income tax authorities concerned on Wednesday sent a letter to the district police seeking all the details of the case. A police spokesman told The Hindu that they had replied by offering all assistance to the Income-Tax Department.