A part of the engine of a Jet Airways flight 9W 523, from Riyadh to Mumbai, caught fire here on Monday, after landing. None of the 158 passengers was injured in the incident.

“The duty safety officer of Apron Control noticed a fire on the plane. While it was moving on the parallel taxiway, the left side of the engine caught fire at 5.47 a.m. The fire was fully extinguished at 5.50 a.m. Passengers were later deplaned,” a spokesperson of the Mumbai International Airport said.

However, operations had to be suspended for almost 10 minutes.

The airline has denied there was any fire.

The flight, “while taxiing, was advised by the ATC [air traffic control] of the slight presence of smoke in one of the engines. The cockpit crew then proceeded to bring the aircraft to the assigned bay safely.

As the standard operating procedure, one engine was shut down, and the guests were safely deplaned,” a spokesperson said in a written statement.