Commotion broke out at the press conference organised at the Press Club of India here on Friday to protest against the arrest of freelance journalist Syed Mohammed Ahmad Kazmi in the Israeli Embassy car blast case. when a policeman in plainclothes was caught in their midst by journalists.

The man entered the club as a mediaperson. But his behaviour aroused suspicion and he was soon overpowered by journalists when he could not produce an identity card. Initially he claimed that he had come along with another person, but it was later discovered that he was with the Delhi Police.

With tempers frayed and things getting out of hand, another man in plainclothes, who was video-graphing the press conference, came forward and disclosed that he too was with the Delhi Police.

“It seems they are from the intelligence wing and had been sent here to report. It is shocking that policemen in plainclothes are being employed to keep a watch on press conferences by senior journalists and members of civil society,” said a journalist.

The two were subsequently let off.

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